End-to-end precision farming solution

21farmer is a cloud based IoT solution that provides data & analytics to farmers, to make informed decisions and to enhance land performance and resource utilization.

Crop Production

Increase Crop Production up to 30% by controlling the usage of fertilizer

Time Savings

Increase Efficiency up to 70% which has a direct effect on saving money

Water Savings

Save water up to 60% compared with traditional irrigation system

Optimal use of Resources

Create the perfect environment for your plants, providing them with the exact amounts of water and fertilizer that they require.

 Large scale farming

Manage all your fields in one central location, knowing exactly when and how much your crops have been watered the last time.

Manage your fields anywhere and anytime

A convenient and user friendly platform and mobile application to access the sensor readings from anywhere and anytime. Simple graphs represent the underlying data, easy to understand and interpretable.

Cost structure

The costs consist of a hardware fee for the devices and a rental fee for the SaaS analytics software. The devices can be purchased without the analytics software if another solution is already in place. The same accounts for the Analytics Software which is also compatible with external hardware.


One time fee

Analytics Software

Monthly or yearly subscription

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